Service Update 2

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ID General
#33143 Print Area... No frame (to select a part model) with active OpenGL.
#32015; #32132 Render Textures of imported 3ds models appear in DDS-CAD, but are lost when re-exported to 3ds.
#31395 Individual building components are missing in advanced rendering.


#31434 Import Individual lines of objects appear in the wrong model.
#32544 Uncommon: crash when importing an IFC file as master.
#32016 Uncommon: performance loss when working with multiple IFC files.
#31906 Export Additional (automatically generated) string at the end of the object name in the export result.


ID Electrical


Help symbol for 2D symbols using 2D offset is visible despite frozen layer.
#31960 Active layer 150 (Circuit Pointer) slows down performance in the model under certain conditions.
#31238 Individual distribution board databases (*.sbd) are not visible in the project under certain conditions.
#31373 Report "Cable Dimensioning" contains empty pages.
#31239 Distribution board documentation Uncommon: sporadic crash while working in the distribution board documentation.
#32473 View of the distribution board cabinet not visible in a layout if the project name contains not allowed characters (“.” as part of the project name).
#32860 Text symbol shows only one line if Automatic room description=OFF.
#31692 Crash when starting a new connection line on the corner point of an existing line.
#32068 System diagram Crash after moving an object followed by Undo Last Function.
#32349 KNX Export to ETS: incorrect display for umlauts and special characters in room descriptions.


ID Sanitary & heating
#31369 Underfloor Heating Heating circuit not visible in plot layout.
#31214; #30581 Pipe system calculation Potable water: illogical results in the least favourable segment with looped systems.