More dynamic, intelligent and flexible: DDS-CAD 11 offers in all disciplines revolutionary enhancements in system design, calculation and documentation. The databases have been updated with numerous symbols, objects and discipline specific information. The updated IFC interface and handling has achieved best of class results in the certification process and enables users to seamlessly cooperate in Open BIM projects.

A more detailed overview of changes can be found in our online manual. Discover some of the highlights below!

Opening elements

New feature with automatic detection of walls and MEP objects…

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Complex plot layouts 

Easy creation of complex plot layouts with different representations, inserts and layer settings…

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Dimension lines 

Multi dimension lines, dimensioning cross-sections and part models, new customization options…

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Cross-sections & ducts 

A cross section through a ventilation system shows components with practical shadows and symbols…

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Distribution board 

More flexible distribution board database, enhanced cabinet views, easier navigation…

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Heat load calculation 

Norm conform consideration of separate apartments, calculation possibilities with lowered temperatures...

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Waste water 

Flexible selection of drainage values, detailed calculation results, more part text options in the model…

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Potable water 

Calculation of the maximum waiting time for hot water, the amount of stagnant water…

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